Sales Training

We help software companies build better sales people


STAC Partners came into existence as a result of the impact regular sales training had on my own career. 15 years ago I was lucky enough to work in a company who believed that training was imperative to maximizing its potential.

Now I want to make an impact in the early careers of sales people, to give them a skill set that can accelerate their careers and provide them with value across their lives.

I work with companies who share my beliefs.


Training Topics

  • building business acumen
  • organization for the rep
  • understanding buying and selling
  • identifying prospects
  • researching prospects
  • meeting booking
  • finding projects and problems
  • creating opportunity
  • competitive reviews


How we work

we work with you in your business to better understand it.
we create training tailored to your brand, product and goals.


We create the content, you own it. Use it for on-boarding, sales playbooks, etc.


we provide follow up training to make sure skills are understood and applied with real accounts.